10 tips to improve your store!

Starting an online store can be rough! 
To help you get stared, we thought about the 10 most important tips to help you improve your store! 

1. Use your own domain

To have a more professional store you can change your SUPR domain and get your own one! This looks a lot more appealing to customers and makes your store even more trustworthy!

2. Use pictures

If you want to increase your sales, make sure to include some pictures! Your customers will get a good feeling if they can see what they plan to purchase and how it can be used or worn. This minimizes the risk of a bad surprise.

3. Description

One very simple but important tip is to describe your products! Make sure to have texts, that describe your product well and fit to the image of your store. Make sure to include all important information!

4. Logo

You’re probably not one of the big players – but who said you will never be? To be successful on the long run, you have to be recognizable! Give your store a personality with an attractive logo and use this to create a unique brand.

5. Landingpage

The first impression is the most important one! Get a good-looking landing page, so your customers-to-be are more likely to continue looking around and – of course – shop at your online store.

6. Newsletter

Another good method to improve your store and your success is to use email marketing. You can send newsletters to show new products to your customers or to make them aware of your social media accounts.

7. Discount

Everybody loves to save some money – of course! Give your customers some discounts to easily make them happy! You can also mention the discounts in your newsletter or let people subscribe for them.
If you don’t want to use simple discounts, you can create a package of products that fit together or are often bought together and sell this on a lower price.

8. Terms and conditions

Let’s be honest – this is not the most interesting part of your store! But it’s possibly the most important one. Terms and conditions are THE thing you need to have in your store. They can safe you, if you’re getting in trouble with your customers, as well!

9. Shipping

As I said before people love to safe money! Shipping isn’t for free, but what about free shipping, if your customers order on £50 or above? It’s a great way, to convince customers to spend a bit more money in your store!

10. Payment

All of your customers want and need different things! Even when it comes to payment-methods. To make sure that your customers are happy, you can offer a big range of payment-methods. This way nobody will jump off their order, just because they can’t pay the way they want to. 

With these 10 easy tips you’ll be able to start into the world of e-commerce successfully. Start building your own online store now and sell your first products!

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