E-mail marketing: 5 easy tips

Every time a customer makes a purchase in your store, he/she will receive a confirmation email. Submitting an order status email after confirmation is a surprisingly good and easy way to get in touch with your customers after purchase! Most of the time the marketing opportunity is overlooked and therefore the chance of a new purchase is lost!

We want to show you how to use emails as part of your marketing strategy to generate additional revenue and stay in touch with your customers.

Here we go!
When a customer places an order in your store, their trust level is at its highest point, because they have already committed to your brand / store.

Use this moment:

  • Show related products from your store
  • Offer a discount code to create future purchase incentives
  • Promote your social media channels
  • Let customers share their purchases on Facebook
  • and much more.

There are almost no limits, but make sure that you do not overload your customers with too long e-mails.

1. Show SIMILAR products

Some people in e-commerce have been using this strategy for some time. For example, Amazon reported back in 2006 that 35% of its revenue was the direct result of cross-selling and listing similar products, most notably through email after ordering. Use this marketing approach and test whether your sales are rising on the basis of “similar products”.
Offer suitable products or accessories or e.g. the opportunity to buy products already wrapped as a gift.

2. Send a discount code

By providing a discount code via e-mail, you are offering your customers an incentive to come back and make another purchase. A study shows that 44% of e-mail recipients made at least one sale last year because they were previously sent a discount code via e-mail. Even if the discount is as low as 5% or £ 1.00, savings are savings, and this is anchored in the mind of the customers.

Vouchers can be used multiple times for marketing purposes. You can use them to place another order quickly if the coupon is for a limited time only out or
to add customers to your regular recipient lists.

3. Include social media actions

More and more companies are planning to integrate their social media channels into their e-mail marketing activities. What are you waiting for? Simply add the according links to your social channels in the footer of your emails making them easy to find.
Again, there are a few ways to bring benefits to your customers while increasing your reach. You can offer them 10% off if they share the purchase with 10 friends or give them £ 5.00 discount or free shipping if they refer your store to a friend who places an order as well. And these are just a few of many ideas! Try a few different strategies to find out which of them works the best for you to generate high sales and loyal customers. Get creative!


4. Get immediate feedback from paying customers

You can immediately get valuable feedback from paying customers. Retail stores and restaurants have been doing this for a long time! You can do the same for your online store! This will give you an insight into the ordering process, as well as a view of small pain points experienced by customers during the checkout process.

Here are some questions you might want to have feedback about:

  • How did the order process work?
  • Do you feel the product has a fair price?
  • How do you like our shop?
  • When do you expect the product to be delivered?

5. Let them share their purchases on Facebook

Shopping gives everyone a good feeling! Research shows that shopping activates the areas of the brain that increase your mood and also release chemical messengers that give you a “shopping high” feeling.

Take advantage of your customers’ good mood and convince them to share their purchase on Facebook when they are still in the “shopping high”. So you will get positive feedback for your online store in addition to happy customers.

Why is it so important that your customers have the opportunity to share the purchase?
Through positive feedback they attract more potential customers to make a purchase! Customers who have been referred to a store by their friends spend on average 13.4% more. 

These are some tips wherewith you can increase your sales with simple e-mail marketing. Get creative now and start implementing your ideas to e-mail marketing now!