Easy tips to increase your sales

Create trust with customer reviews

Include a customer rating on your product page or front page to measure your success. Showing such reviews creates appeal trustworthy and convince potential customers to place an order. Make sure your customers see the best reviews at first. 
You should still allow negative reviews, elsewise it seems implausible. These reviews do not have to be prominently placed.

SUPRTipp: You can easily insert store rating systems via HTML code in the header and footer area of ​​your SUPR store.

Use call-to-action buttons correctly

Even simple call-to-action buttons can help you increase sales. Very important is the text, the contrast and the placement of the button. A simple “click here” is clearly understandable for your customers and thus has a positive effect. Which text, which size and which placement works best for your buttons can only be determined with a lot of tests.

SUPRtip: Call-to-action buttons can easily be added via HTML code in the header and footer area of ​​your SUPR store or CSS.

Share products

Give your customers the opportunity to post their desired products directly on their social channels. You can show your customer’s posts in your store as well (if they use a specific hashtag, for example). This way you give them the opportunity to share their excitement and joy directly.

SUPRtip: Simply use the social buttons in your store at design options – article pages.

With these few tips you’ll be able to increase your sales in the blink of an eye! Good luck!