How to set up your online store!

If you want to start your SUPR online-store, you need to sign up with an e-mail and choose the name of your shop. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we inform you about tips, benefits and give-aways!

The right title & description

After you logged in, you can start to create new products. Choose a short title and a description, in which you describe the most important features and generate attention. A good description makes it easier for people to find your shop on google as well! For the bill it’s useful to sum up the description a bit, just mention the most important information shortly (name, size, colour, material, etc.). And, of course, don’t forget stuff like prize, variants and categories!

Appealing pictures

As important as a good description are the right pictures! Choose light, sharp pictures in which the product is easy to see! In addition to that you can photograph your pictures in an appropriate context, e.g. show an additional picture of a person wearing your bracelet or your painting hanging in an actual living room.

After choosing your design you have the opportunity to individualize your store the way you like. Select your favorite color scheme or a different font. We offer a big range of themes you can choose from!

payment methods

With our variety of different payment methods you can make your customers happy easily!
Just select the ones you prefer and you are ready to sell your first SUPR products!

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