Social media: 5 tips for more media penetration

More and more companies present themselves on all social media channels and are aware of its importance. Pay attention to how you present yourself in public. If you have a low user engagement, only few likes, shares or followers, it’s time to rethink your published content.
The most important question is how to maximize your media penetration and how to make people active on your site.

With these 5 tips you can easily become more successful:

1. Visualize your posts

Infographics generate a lot of attention. People absorb visual information much faster than simple texts. The brain likes pictures – therefore texts with pictures are easier to perceive than without. In addition, pictures are among the most popular posts and can provide you with more outreach.

2. INTERACT with the users

These include actions that involve customers. Both competitions and quizzes, which encourage customers to share, comment or like, bring a lot of traffic first on your social channels and also on your store.

3. Make users smile

Posts that evoke emotions are often shared and liked. The most popular emotion is joy, of course. Share with your followers such things as cute cat videos that give them a good feeling and conjure a smile on the face in between your regular posts.


Simple, concise facts, lists or “why” posts also attract a lot of attention and are often shared. So you can share statistics about your shop, brief information about you and your business with your followers and thus also appear sympathetic and approachable.

5. Share important news

You can also create important content by sharing interesting news for your industry or your store. These posts show that you are also interested in your environment or your competition.

Implement these 5 simple tips today and present your business even more professional and targeted on your social channels! Good luck!